Georg Henrik Von Wright

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(Volume XIX, 1989)

Born in Helsingfors (Helsinki) in 1916, Georg Henrik von Wright is the most renowned Scandinavian philosopher of our time, and an outstanding contributor to many fields of philosophy. He has made important advances in logical theory and extended the application of logic to new areas, making path-breaking discoveries in probability theory, induction, causation, and determinism. 

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Georg Henrik von Wright: Intellectual Autobiography

Georg Henrik von Wright

(Replies follow essays)

Charles Hartshorne: Von Wright and Hume's Axiom 
Henry E. Kyburg, Jr.: Von Wright on the Logic of Conditions and Inductive Logic 
Stefan Nowak: Von Wright on Probability and Randomness 
Risto Hilpinen: Von Wright on Confirmation Theory 
William H. Baumer: Von Wright on the Paradoxes of Confirmation 
Brian McGuinness: Von Wright on Wittgenstein 
David Braybrooke: The Conditions on Which Rules Exist 
Herbert W. Schneider: Teleological Prescriptions and Descriptions 
Thomas Schwartz: Von Wright's Theory of Human Welfare: A Critique 
Kurt Baier: Preference and the Good of Man 
Philippa Foot: Von Wright on Virtue 
William K. Frankena: Von Wright on the Nature of Morality 
Frederick Stoutland: Von Wright's Theory of Action 
Alan Donagan: Von Wright on Causation, Intention, and Action 
Norman Malcolm: Intention and Behavior 
G.E.M. Anscombe: Von Wright on Practical Inference 
Max Black: Some Remarks About "Practical Reasoning"
Dag Prawitz: Von Wright on the Concept of Cause 
Mihailo Markovic: Von Wright on Explanation Versus Understanding: The Relation of the Sciences of Nature and the Sciences of Man 
W.H. Dray: Von Wright on Explanation in History 
Knut Erik Tranoy: Von Wright's Humanism: His Critique of Culture and His Philosophy of Life 
Jaakko Hintikka: Von Wright on Logical Truth and Distributive Normal Forms 
Dagfinn Follesdal: Von Wright's Modal Logic 
P.T. Geach: On Modal Syllogisms 
Alan Ross Anderson: Von Wright on Entailment 
Krister Segerberg: Von Wright's Tense Logic 
Carlos E. Alchourron and Eugenio Bulygin: Von Wright on Deontic Logic and the Philosophy of Law 
Bengt Hansson: Von Wright on the Logic of Preference 
J.L. Mackie: Von Wright on Conditionals and Natural Necessity
Georg Henrik von Wright: A Reply to My Critics
Bibliography of the Writings of Georg Henrik von Wright