Alfred North Whitehead

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The Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead

(Volume III, 1941)

In this volume the unique philosophical contributions and ideas of Alfred North Whitehead are described and critically appraised by some of his greatest philosophical contemporaries and other prominent scholars, eighteen in all. Whitehead's philosophical development is traced in detail from his beginnings as a mathematician to the full maturity of his ultimate metaphysical system and the ripe reflections of one of the most original and thought-provoking octogenarians of all time.

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Alfred North Whitehead: Autobiographical Notes

Alfred North Whitehead

(Replies follow essays)

Victor Lowe: The Development of Whitehead's Philosophy 
Willard V. Quine: Whitehead and the Rise of Modern Logic 
Filmer S. C. Northrop: Whitehead's Philosophy of Science 
Evander Bradley McGilvary: Space-Time, Simple Location, and Prehension 
Joseph Needham: A Biologist's View of Whitehead's Philosophy 
Percy Hughes: Is Whitehead's Psychology Adequate? 
Wilbur Marshall Urban: Whitehead's Philosophy of Language and Its Relation to His Metaphysics 
A.D. Ritchie: Whitehead's Defence of Speculative Reason 
Arthur E. Murphy: Whitehead and the Method of Speculative Philosophy 
William Ernest Hocking: Whitehead on Mind and Nature 
Roy Wood Sellars: Philosophy of Organism and Physical Realism 
John Goheen: Whitehead's Theory of Value 
Bertram Morris: The Art-process and the Aesthetic Fact in Whitehead's Philosophy 
J.S. Bixler: Whitehead's Philosophy of Religion 
Charles Hartshorne: Whitehead's Idea of God 
Paul A. Schilpp: Whitehead's Moral Philosophy 
Henry Wyman Holmes: Whitehead's Views on Education 
John Dewey: The Philosophy of Whitehead 
C.I. Lewis: The Categories of Natural Knowledge

Alfred North Whitehead: Explanatory Note (in two facsimile pages)
Mathematics and The Good
Bibliography of the Writings of Alfred North Whitehead (To January 1951)