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The Philosophy of George Santayana

(Volume II, 1940)

In this volume the writings of George Santayana are scrutinized and critically evaluated by eighteen of Santayana's philosophical contemporaries. For over forty years Santayana has been recognized as one of the world's greatest and most original thinkers. Yet this is the first time that so many philosophers have concerned themselves critically with the various aspects of Santayana's philosophical ideas, have talked back to Santayana, and have, in the same place, had the privilege of getting Santayana to reply to them, after he himself had read their essays. Between the covers of this volume then, the reader will find a virtual seminar between Santayana and some of his most searching interpreters and critics. 

Table of Contents

George Santayana: A General Confession

George Santayana

(Replies follow essays)

Baker Brownell: Santayana, The Man and the Philosopher 
Celestine J. Sullivan, Jr.: Santayana's Philosophical Inheritance 
Daniel M. Cory: Some Observations on the Philosophy of George Santayana 
Sterling P. Lamprecht: Animal Faith and the Art of Intuition 
Charles Hartshorne: Santayana's Doctrine of Essence 
Milton K. Munitz: Ideals and Essences in Santayana's Philosophy 
Stephen C. Pepper: Santayana's Theory of Value 
George Boas: Santayana and the Arts 
Philip Blair Rice: The Philosopher as Poet and Critic 
Irwin Edman: Humanism and Post-Humanism in the Philosophy of Santayana 
Eliseo Vivas: From The Life of Reason to The Last Puritan 
Horace L. Friess/Henry M. Rosenthal: Reason in Religion and the Emancipated Spirit 
Paul Arthur Schilpp: Santayana on The Realm of Spirit 
Edward L. Schaub: Santayana's Contentions Respecting German Philosophy 
William Ray Dennes: Santayana's Materialism 
C.A. Strong: Santayana's Philosophy 
Bertrand Russell: The Philosophy of Santayana 
Antonio Banfi: The Thought of George Santayana in the Crisis of Contemporary Philosophy
George Santayana: Replies to Critics
Bibliography of the Writings of George Santayana (To October 1940)