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The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell

(Volume V, 1944)

This volume is one of the most significant documents on the thought of this giant of twentieth-century philosophy. Twenty-one eminent contemporaries discuss the most pertinent aspects of Russell's thought and writings. These philosophers and scholars provide incisive commentaries and analyses which serve to clarify and illuminate the various aspects of his many faceted genius. Best of all, Russell had the opportunity, after reading the comments and criticisms of the contributors, to reply directly to them and answer the questions raised in regard to his philosophical viewpoint.

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Bertrand Russell: My Mental Development

Bertrand Russell

(Replies follow essays)

Hans Reichenbach: Bertrand Russell's Logic 
Morris Weitz: Analysis and the Unity of Russell's Philosophy 
Kurt Gödel: Russell's Mathematical Logic 
James Feibleman: A Reply to Bertrand Russell's Introduction to the Second Edition of The Principles of Mathematics 
G.E. Moore: Russell's "Theory of Descriptions" 
Max Black: Russell's Philosophy of Language 
Philip P. Wiener: Method in Russell's Work on Leibniz 
Albert Einstein: Remarks on Bertrand Russell's Theory of Knowledge 
John Laird: On Certain of Russell's Views Concerning the Human Mind 
Ernest Nagel: Russell's Philosophy of Science 
W.T. Stace: Russell's Neutral Monism 
Andrew Paul Ushenko: Russell's Critique of Empiricism 
Roderick M. Chisholm: Russell on the Foundations of Empirical Knowledge 
Harold Chapman Brown: A Logician in the Field of Psychology 
John Elof Boodin: Russell's Metaphysics 
Justus Buchler: Russell and the Principles of Ethics 
Edgar Sheffield Brightman: Russell's Philosophy of Religion 
Eduard C. Lindeman: Russell's Concise Social Philosophy 
V.J. McGill: Russell's Political and Economic Philosophy 
Boyd H. Bode: Russell's Educational Philosophy 
Sidney Hook: Bertrand Russell's Philosophy of History
Bertrand Russell: Reply to Criticisms
Bibliography of the Writings of Bertrand Russell (To 1951) 
Addenda to Bibliography