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The Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur

(Volume XXII, 1995)

Paul Ricoeur is widely regarded as the foremost living phenomenologist. His work has helped make the term hermeneutics a household word. Ricoeur's writings cover a wide range of topics, from the history of philosophy, literary criticism, and aesthetics to metaphysics, ethics, religion, semiotics, linguistic structuralism, the humanistic sciences, psychoanalysis, Marxism, guilt and evil, and conflicts of interpretation. He has been a very prolific writer as his updated bibliography shows, and his Intellectual Autobiography and dialogue with his 25 critics shed fresh light both on the development of his own views and the intellectual climate of our time.

Table of Contents

Paul Ricoeur: Intellectual Autobiography

Paul Ricoeur

(Replies follow essays)

Don Ihde: Paul Ricoeur's Place in the Hermeneutic Tradition 
G.B. Madison: Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of the Subject 
David Pellauer: The Symbol Gave Rise to Thought 
Michel Philibert: Philosophical Imagination: Paul Ricoeur as the Singer of Ruins 
Hans H. Rudnick: Naive and Sentimental Hermeneutics: Keeping Language Open 
John E. Smith: Freud, Philosophy and Interpretation 
Thelma Z. Lavine: Paul Ricoeur and the Conflict of Interpretations 
Dabney Townsend: Metaphor, Hermeneutics, and Situations 
Mary Gerhart: The Live Metaphor 
Eugene F. Kaelin: Paul Ricoeur's Aesthetics: On How to Read a Metaphor 
Mario J. Valdes: Paul Ricoeur and Literary Theory 
Joseph J. Bien: Ricoeur as Social Philosopher 
Richard L. Lanigan: A Good Rhetoric is Possible: Ricoeur's Philosophy of Language as a Phenomenology of Discourse in the Human Sciences 
Charles E. Regan: Words and Deeds: The Semantics of Action 
Ted E. Klein, Jr.: The Idea of a Hermeneutical Ethics 
Peter T. Kemp: Ethics and Narrativity 
Terry F. Godlove, Jr.: Ricoeur, Kant, and the Permanence of Time 
David Stewart: Ricoeur on Religious Language 
Stephen T. Tyman: Ricoeur and the Problem of Evil 
David Detmer: Ricoeur on Atheism: A Critique 
Bernard Stevens: On Ricoeur's Analysis of Time and Narration 
Lik Kuen Tong: Act, Sign, and Consciousness: Thinking Along with Ricoeur 
Domenico Jervolino: The Depth and Breadth of Paul Ricoeur's Philosophy 
Patrick L. Bourgeois: The Limits of Ricoeur's Hermeneutics of Existence 
Kathleen Blamey: From the Ego to the Self: A Philosophical Itinerary

Bibliography of the Writings of Paul Ricoeur