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The Philosophy of Karl Popper

(Volume XIV, 1974)

This volume on Karl Popper offers the most comprehensive and definitive study of his thought by thirty-five distinguished contemporary scholars of Europe and America. Popper's only philosophical Autobiography, in which he relates how and why he come to the conclusions in his thinking by which he has become known worldwide makes the volume a notable addition to this important series.

Sir Karl himself has spent years of indefatigable labors writing his Autobiography and his Replies, in which he responds in detail to the criticisms and evaluations of his philosophy made by his critics and his disciples. 

Table of Contents

Karl Popper: Intellectual Autobiography

Karl Popper

(Replies follow essays)

Victor Kraft: Popper and the Vienna Circle 
William C. Kneale: The Demarcation of Science 
W.V. Quine: On Popper's Negative Methodology 
Hilary Putnam: The "Corroboration" of Theories 
Imre Lakatos: Popper on Demarcation and Induction 
Peter Medawar: Hypothesis and Imagination 
Grover Maxwell: Corroboration without Demarcation 
Arnold Levison: Popper, Hume, and the Traditional Problem of Induction 
Y. Bar-Hillel: Popper's Theory of Corroboration 
J.C. Eccles: The World of Objective Knowledge 
J.W.N. Watkins: The Unity of Popper's Thought 
Donald T. Campbell: Evolutionary Epistemology 
Eugene Freeman/Henryk Skolimowski: The Search for Objectivity in Peirce and Popper 
Herbert Feigl/Paul E. Meehl: The Determinism-Freedom and Body-Mind Problems 
Alan E. Musgrave: The Objectivism of Popper's Epistemology 
Paul Bernays: Concerning Rationality 
J. Bronowski: Humanism and the Growth of Knowledge 
Czeslaw Lejewski: Popper's Theory of Formal or Deductive Inference 
G. Schlesinger: Popper on Self-Reference 
A.J. Ayer: Truth, Verification and Verisimilitude 
Joseph Agassi: Modified Conventionalism Is More Comprehensive than Modified Essentialism 
Tom Settle: Induction and Probability Unfused 
Henry Margenau: On Popper's Philosophy of Science 
Patrick Suppes: Popper's Analysis of Probability in Quantum Mechanics 
Adolf Grünbaum: Popper's Views on the Arrow of Time 
Thomas S. Kuhn: Logic of Discovery or Psychology of Research 
J.O. Wisdom: The nature of "Normal" Science 
Edward Boyle: Karl Popper's Open Society: A Personal Appreciation 
John Wild: Popper's Interpretation of Plato 
H.B. Acton: Moral Futurism and the Ethics of Marxism 
Peter Winch: Popper and Scientific Method in the Social Sciences 
Alan Donagan: Popper's Examination of Historicism 
E.H. Gombrich: The Logic of Vanity Fair
Karl Popper: Replies to My Critics
Bibliography of the Writings of Karl Popper