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The Philosophy of G.E. Moore

(Volume IV, 1942)

For almost a half-century G.E. Moore has exercised an enormous influence on modern thought. Since 1903, when his famous "Refutation of Idealism" burst upon the philosophical world, he has had a long and distinguished career. The present volume is a living testament to this great realist and to his reputation (along with his colleagues, Russell and Whitehead) as one of the most profound thinkers of our century.

Here every aspect of Professor Moore's thought is described and examined--in nineteen brilliant, searching and incisive essays which form a definitive critique of his work and from which all further evaluations must spring. Each contributor and critic has been chosen because of his thorough familiarity and deep interest in the subject--and each is a noted American or European philosopher in his own right.

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G.E. Moore: An Autobiography

G.E. Moore

(Replies follow essays)

C.D. Broad: Certain Features in Moore's Ethical Doctrines 
Charles L. Stevenson: Moore's Arguments against Certain Forms of Ethical Naturalism 
William K. Frankena: Obligations and Value in the Ethics of G.E. Moore 
H.J. Paton: The Alleged Independence of Goodness 
Abraham Edel: The Logical Structure of Moore's Ethical Theory 
A. Campbell Garnett: Freedom and Responsibility in Moore's Ethics 
O.K. Bouwsma: Moore's Theory of Sense-Data 
C.J. Ducasse: Moore's Refutation of Idealism 
Paul Marhenke: Moore's Analysis of Sense-Perception 
C.A. Mace: On How We Know That Material Things Exist 
Arthur E. Murphy: Moore's Defense of "Common Sense"
C.H. Langford: Moore's Notion of Analysis 
Norman Malcolm: Moore and Ordinary Language 
Morris Lazerowitz: Moore's Paradox 
Alice Ambrose: Moore's Proof of an External World 
John Wisdom: Moore's Technique 
Richard McKeon: Propositions and Perceptions in the World of G.E. Moore 
V.J. McGill: Some Queries Concerning Moore's Method 
L. Susan Stebbing: Moore's Influence
G.E. Moore: A Reply to my Critics

  • Ethics
  • Sense-Perception
  • Philosophic Method
  • G.E. Moore: Addendum to My Reply

Bibliography of the Writings of G.E. Moore