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The Philosophy of C.I. Lewis

(Volume XIII, 1968)

The present volume on C.I. Lewis offers a comprehensive and definitive study of his thought by 26 distinguished contemporary scholars. The essays by his critics range over the entire breadth of Lewis' philosophy, and in his Replies to his Critics, Lewis restates and clarifies his own views clearly and incisively.

Lewis' autobiography is a contribution to the history of American philosophy of the first order. Not only does it bring back for us the living personality of a great and modest person, but it throws a flood of light on his philosophy.

Table of Contents

C.I. Lewis: Autobiography

C.I. Lewis

(Replies follow essays)

Victor Lowe: Lewis' Conception of Philosophy 
Paul Henle: Lewis on Meaning and Verification 
Karl Dürr: Lewis and the History of Symbolic Logic 
William Tuthill Parry: The Logic of C.I. Lewis 
Asher Moore: Lewis' Theory of the A Priori 
Charles A. Baylis: Lewis' Theory of the Facts 
Roderick M. Chisholm: Lewis' Ethics of Belief 
Bernard Peach: Lewis' Theory of Analytic Statements 
Lewis White Beck: The Kantianism of Lewis 
Roy Wood Sellars: In Defense of "Metaphysical Veracity"
William H. Hay: Lewis' Relation to Logical Empiricism 
Roderick Firth: Lewis on the Given 
Arthur Pap: Lewis on Contrary-to-Fact Conditionals 
E.M. Adams: C.I. Lewis and the Inconsistent Triad of Modern Empiricism 
Charles Hartshorne: Lewis' Treatment of Memory 
Arthur W. Burks: The Pragmatic-Humean Theory of Probability and Lewis' Theory 
C. Douglas McGee: A Dispositional Interpretation of Criteria in Mind 
Stephen C. Pepper: Lewis' Theory of Value 
Robert W. Browning: Human Nature in Lewis' Theory of Value 
D.W. Gotshalk: C.I. Lewis on Esthetic Experience and Esthetic Value 
Mary Mothersill: Lewis as Moral Philosopher 
A.C. Ewing: C.I. Lewis on the Relation Between the Good and the Right 
William R. Dennes: Lewis on the Morally Imperative 
Karl H. Potter: Terminating Judgments or Terminal Propositions?
C.I. Lewis: Replies to My Critics
Bibliography of the Writings of C.I. Lewis