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The Philosophy of Jaako Hintikka

(Volume XXX, 2006)

Jaakko Hintikka is recognized as one of the handful of most creative, comprehensive, and rigorous philosophical minds active today. His major contributions to philosophy range over a very wide area, most conspicuously logic, epistemology, philosophy of science, and history of philosophy. In this book, twenty-seven leading philosophers expound and criticize aspects of Hintikka's though, and he responds directly to each one of them with his customary elegance and forceful precision. The volume also contains Hintikka's new and fascinating intellectual autobiography, as well as a comprehensive, up-to-date bibliography of all his published work. 

Table of Contents

Jaako Hintikka: Intellectual Autobiography

Jaako Hintikka

(Replies follow essays)

Simo Knuuttila: Hintikka's View of the History of Philosophy
Gabriel Motzkin: Hintikka's Ideas About the History of Ideas
Juliet Floyd: On the Use and Abuse of Logic in Philosophy: Kant, Frege, and Hintikka on the Verb "To Be"
Judson C. Webb: Hintikka on Aristotelean Constructions, Kantian Intuitions, and Peircean Theorems
R.M. Dancy: Hintikka, Aristotle, and Existence
Aaron Garrett: The Method of the Analyst
Karl-Otto Apel: Speculative-Hermeneutic Remarks on Hintikka's Performatory Interpretation of Descartes's Cogito, Ergo Sum
Dagfinn Follesdal: Hintikka On Phenomenology
David Pears: Private Language
Mathieu Marion: Phenomenological Language, Thoughts, and Operations in the Tractatus
Raymond M. Smullyan: A Logical Miscellany
Solomon Feferman: What Kind of Logic Is "Independence Friendly" Logic?
Johan Van Benthem: The Epistemic Logic of IF Games
Wilfrid Hodges: The Logic of Quantifiers
Gabriel Sandu: Hintikka and the Fallacies of the New Theory of Reference
James Higginbotham: The Scope Hypothesis
Hans Sluga: Jaakko Hintikka (and Others) on Truth
Pascal Engel: Is Truth Effable?
Jan Wolenski: Tarskian and Post-Tarskian Truth
Philippe De Rouilhan and Serge Bozon: The Truth of IF: Has Hintikka Really Exorcised Tarski's Curse?
Martin Kusch: Hintikka on Heidegger and the Universality of Language
Patrick Suppes: Hintikka's Generalizations of Logic and their Relation to Science
Isaac Levi: Induction, Abduction, and Oracles
Risto Hilpinen: Jaakko Hintikka on Epistemic Logic and Epistemology
Matti Sintonen: From the Logic of Questions to the Logic of Inquiry
Theo A.F. Kuipers: Inductive Aspects of Confirmation, Information, and Content
Michael Meyer: Questioning Art

Bibliography of the Writings of Jaakko Hintikka