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The Philosophy of Charles Hartshorne

(Volume XX, 1991)

It is fitting that Volume XX of the Library of Living Philosophers should be devoted to the philosophy of Charles Hartshorne. He has participated as critic in eight of our earlier volumes, more than any other philosopher; and this volume affords opportunity for searching criticism and clarification of his major tenets. He is internationally known for his contributions to philosophy of creativity and for his distinctive brand of process philosophy and theology; and for more than six decades he has presented his theses ever more persuasively, comparing and contrasting them in illuminating fashion with those of major historical figures and movements from Plato, Aristotle, Democritus, and Ancient Buddhism through Epicurus, Anselm, Socinus, Leibniz, Hume, and Kant to Emerson, Bergson, James, Peirce, Dewey, Royce, W.E. Hocking, Whitehead, Husserl, Merleau- Ponty, Heidegger, Ayer, and Popper.

Hartshorne's Intellectual Autobiography affords an interesting account of how his interest in birding developed and how it is related to his philosophical concerns; and a special feature of this volume is dialogue between Professor Hartshorne and various of his critics on his ornithological contributions. 

Table of Contents

Charles Hartshorne: Some Causes of My Intellectual Growth

Charles Hartshorne

(Replies follow essays)

Charles L. Birch: Chance, Purpose, and Darwinism 
Alexander F. Skutch: Bird Song and Philosophy 
Lucio Chiaraviglio: Hartshorne's Aesthetic Theory of Intelligence 
Wayne Viney: Charles Hartshorne's Philosophy and Psychology of Sensation 
John Hospers: Hartshorne's Aesthetics 
Robert H. Kane: Free Will, Determinism, and Creativity in Hartshorne's Thought 
Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.: Natural Theology and Bioethics 
John B. Cobb, Jr.: Hartshorne's Importance for Theology 
William L. Reese: The "Trouble" with Panentheism--and the Divine Event 
Jan Van der Veken: Ultimate Reality and God: The Same? 
Jacquelyn Ann Kegley: The Divine Relativity and the Beloved Community 
Sallie B. King: Buddhism and Hartshorne 
John G. Arapura: Hartshorne's Response to Vedanta 
James P. Devlin: Hartshorne's Metaphysical Asymmetry 
Nancy Frankenberry: Hartshorne's Method in Metaphysics 
Lewis S. Ford: Hartshorne's Interpretation of Whitehead 
Norman M. Martin: Taking Creativity Seriously: Some Observations on the Logical Structure of Hartshorne's Philosophy 
Hubertus G. Hubbeling: Hartshorne and the Ontological Argument 
Robert C. Neville: Time, Temporality, and Ontology 
T.L.S. Sprigge: Hartshorne's Conception of the Past 
Paul G. Kuntz: Charles Hartshorne's Theory of Order and Disorder 
Sterling M. McMurrin: Hartshorne's Critique of Classical Metaphysics and Theology 
Reiner Wiehl: Hartshorne's Panpsychism 
Daniel A. Dombrowski: Hartshorne and Plato 
John E. Smith: Deoclassical Metaphysics and the History of Philosophy 
George R. Lucas, Jr.: Hartshorne and the Development of Process Philosophies 
Donald S. Lee: Hartshorne and Pragmatic Metaphysics 
Matao Noda: A Historian's Sketch of Hartshorne's Metaphysics 
Keiji Matsunobu: Charles Hartshorne's Impression on the Kyoto School

Charles Hartshorne: A Reply to My Critics

  • Preliminaries and Principles: Reply to Everybody 
  • Replies to Individuals

Bibliography of the Writings of Charles Hartshorne (Except 1982-1987)