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The Philosophy of Hans-George Gadamer

(Volume XXIV, 1997)

Hans-George Gadamer, one of the outstanding exponents of hermeneutics, is also a master of hermeneutic praxis. His influence on thinking in the humanities has been profound. The two main foci of his work have been Greek philosophy, especially Plato, and hermeneutics, but his interests range widely. This volume sheds new light on Gadamer's relation to Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, and especially on his complex relationship to Heidegger, in which Gadamer moved from discipleship to an independent position.

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Hans-Georg Gadamer: Intellectual Autobiography 

Hans-Georg Gadamer

(Replies follow essays)

Karl-Otto Apel: Regulative Ideas or Truth Happening: An Attempt at Determining the Logos of Hermeneutics 
Roderick M. Chisholm: Gadamer and Realism: Reaching an Understanding 
David Hoy: Post-Cartesian Interpretation: Gadamer and Davidson 
Joan Stambaugh: Gadamer on the Beautiful 
Donald P. Verene: Gadamer and Vico on "Sensus Communis" and the Tradition of Humane Knowledge
Jean Grondin: Gadamer on Humanism 
George R. Lucas, Jr.: Philosophy, its History, and Hermeneutics 
Herta Nagl-Docekal: Towards a New Theory of the Historical Sciences: The Relevance of "Truth and Method"
Stanley H. Rosen: Horizontverschmelzung
Robert Sokolowski: Gadamer's Theory of Hermeneutics 
Robert R. Sullivan: Gadamer's Early and Distinctively Political Hermeneutics 
Francis Ambrosio: The Figure of Socrates in Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics 
David Detmer: Gadamer's Critique of the Enlightenment 
Robert J. Dostal: Gadamer's Continuous Challenge: Heidegger's Plato Interpretation 
Graeme Nicholson: Truth in Metaphysics and in Hermeneutics
Thomas M. Alexander: Eros and Understanding: Gadamer's Aesthetic Ontology of the Community
G.B. Madison: Hermeneutics' Claim to Universality
Carl Page: Historicistic Finitude and Philosophical Hermeneutics
James C. Risser: The Voice of the Other in Gadamer's Hermeneutics 
David W. Aiken: Hermeneia: An Anatomy of History and Ab-wesenheit
Donald Davidson: Gadamer and Plato's "Philebus"
Diane Michelfelder: Gadamer on Heidegger on Art 
Bjorn T. Ramberg: The Source of the Subjective
John C. Sallis: Rereading the "'Timaeus": The Memorial Power of Discourse
Dennis J. Schmidt: Putting Oneself in Words... 
Robin M. Schott: Gender, Nazism, and Hermeneutics 
P. Christopher Smith: The I-Thou Encounter (Begegnung) in Gadamer's Reception of Heidegger 
Richard E. Palmer: Ritual, Rightness, and Truth in Two Late Works of Hans-Georg Gadamer
Thomas Prufer: A Thought or Two on Gadamer's Plato

Bibliography of the Writings of Hans-Georg Gadamer