Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist

(Volume VII, 1949)

Like other volumes in this series, this one contains an autobiographical statement by Einstein, essentially an intellectual biography characteristic of the man's modesty; twenty-five essays, and concluding remarks on these essays by the central figure. The list of contributors is studded with the names of illustrious physicists. 

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Albert Einstein: Autobiographical Notes

Albert Einstein

(Replies follow essays)

Arnold Sommerfeld: To Albert Einstein's Seventieth Birthday 
Louis De Broglie: The Scientific Work of Albert Einstein 
Ilse Rosenthal-Schneider: Presuppositions and Anticipations in Einstein's Physics 
Wolfgang Pauli: Einstein's Contributions to Quantum Theory 
Max Born: Einstein's Statistical Theories 
Walter Heitler: The Departure from Classical Thought in Modern Physics 
Niels Bohr: Discussion with Einstein on Epistemological Problems in Atomic Physics 
H. Margenau: Einstein's Conception of Reality 
Philipp G. Frank: Einstein, Mach, and Logical Positivism 
Hans Reichenbach: The Philosophical Significance of the Theory of Relativity 
H.P. Robertson: Geometry as a Branch of Physics 
P.W. Bridgman: Einstein's Theories and the Operational Point of View 
Victor F. Lenzen: Einstein's Theory of Knowledge 
Filmer S.C. Northrop: Einstein's Conception of Science 
E.A. Milne: Gravitation Without General Relativity 
Georges Edward Lemaître: The Cosmological Constant 
Karl Menger: Modern Geometry and the Theory of Relativity 
Leopold Infeld: General Relativity and the Structure of Our Universe 
Max von Laue: Inertia and Energy 
Herbert Dingle: Scientific and Philosophical Implications of the Special Theory of Relativity 
Kurt Gödel: A Remark About the Relationship Between Relativity Theory and Idealistic Philosophy Gaston Bachelard: The Philosophic Dialectic of the Concepts of Relativity 
Aloys Wenzl: Einstein's Theory of Relativity Viewed from the Standpoint of Critical Realism, and Its Significance for Philosophy 
Andrew Paul Ushenko: Einstein's Influence on Contemporary Philosophy 
Virgil Henshaw, Jr.: Einstein's Social Philosophy
Albert Einstein: Remarks to the Essays Appearing in this Collective Volume
Bibliography of the Writings of Albert Einstein (To May 1951)