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The Philosophy of Michael Dummett

(Volume XXXI, 2007)

Sir Michael Dummett (he was knighted in 1991) is one of the most influential of living philosophers. His own contributions to philosophy have been bound up with his interpretations of the earlier philosophers Frege and Wittgenstein. Dummett's 1973 book on Frege helped to make Frege's thought central to modern philosophy. Dummett has made many contributions to philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, and metaphysics. His most celebrated achievement is his new way of looking at distinction between realism and anti-realism. In addition to philosophy, Dummett has written on immigration law, English usage, Roman Catholic doctrine, and the history of the tarot. 

Table of Contents

Michael Dummett: Intellectual Autobiography

Michael Dummett

(Replies follow essays)

Brian McGuinness: Coming to Terms with Wittgenstein
Jan Dejnozka: Dummett's Backward Road to Frege and to Intuitionism
James W. Allard: Realism, Anti-realism, and Absolute Idealism
Hilary Putnam: Between Scylla and Charybdis: Does Dummett Have a Way Through?
Ernie LePore and Kirk Ludwig: The Reality of Language: On the Davidson/Dummett Exchange
Peter Simons: What Numbers Really Are
Anat Matar: Radically Different: On Dummett's Metaphilosophy
John Campbell: If Truth is Dethroned, What Role is Left for It?
Wolfgang Künne: Two Principles Concerning Truth
John McDowell: Dummett on Truth Conditions and Meaning
Akeel Bilgrami: Pursuing an Analogy
Crispin Wright: "Wang's Paradox"
Dag Prawitz: Pragmatist and Verificationist Theories of Meaning
Eva Picardi: On Sense, Tone, and Accompanying Thoughts
Richard G. Heck, Jr.: Use and Meaning
Carlo Penco: Idiolect and Context
Bernhard Weiss: Molecularity and Revisionism
Christian Thiel: The Operation Called Abstraction
Ian Rumfitt: Asserting and Excluding: Steps Towards an Anti-Realist Account of Classical Consequence
Marco Santambrogio: Belief and Deductive Inference
Pascal Engel: Dummett, Achilles, and the Tortoise
Peter M. Sullivan: Dummett's Case for Constructivist Logicism
Maurice Salles: Michael Dummett on Social Choice and Voting
Kwame Anthony Appiah: Immigrants and Refugees: Individualism and the Moral Status of Strangers
Ann Dummett: Work against Racism
Andrew Beards: Dummett: Philosophy and Religion
Thierry DePaulis: The First Golden Age of the Tarot in France

Bibliography of the Writings of Michael Dummett