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The Philosophy of Donald Davidson

(Volume XXVII, 1999)

Donald Davidson, Emeritus from U.C. Berkeley, is well noted both for the breadth of his interests and the originality of his thought. While generally classed as one of the best of the analytical tradition, the topics Davidson has investigated have ranged substantially beyond those topics typically classed as "analytic." 

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Donald Davidson: Intellectual Autobiography 

Donald Davidson

(Replies follow essays)

W.V. Quine: Where Do We Disagree? 
John McDowell: Scheme-Content Dualism and Empiricism 
J.J.C. Smart: Correspondence, Coherence and Realism 
Robert Morris: The Art of Donald Davidson, "Blind Time Drawing With Donald Davidson" 
Barry Stroud: Radical Interpretation and Philosophical Skepticism 
A.C. Genova: The Very Idea of Massive Truth 
Thomas Nagel: Davidson's New Cogito 
Akeel Bilgrami: Why is Self-Knowledge Different from Other Kinds of Knowledge
Tyler Burge: Comprehension and Interpretation
James Hopkins: Wittgenstein, Davidson, and Radical Interpretation
Simon Evinne: On the Way to Language
Deborah Hansen Soles: Prefers True: Archimedean Point or Achilles Heel?
Andrew Cutrofello: The Transcendental Pretensions of the Principle of Charity
Bill Martin: Interpretation and Responsibility: Excavating Davidson's Ethical Theory
Reed Way Dasenbrock: Locating Donald Davidson and Literary Language
Ariela Lazar: Akrasia and the Principle of Continence or What the Tortoise Would Say to Achilles
Marcia Cavell: Reason and the Gardener
Jon Elster: Davidson on Weakness of Will and Self-Deception
Pascal Engel: The Norms of the Mental
Carol Rovane: Rationality and Identity.
Dena Ullmann-Margalit: He Asked for Water and She Gave Him Milk: On Fulfillment and Satisfaction of Intentions
John D. Collins: Indeterminacy and Intention
Isaac Levi: Representing Preferences: Donald Davidson on Rational Choice
Richard Rorty: Davidson's Mental-Physical Distinction
Bjørn T. Ramburg: The Significance of Charity
Jennifer Hornsby: Anomalousness in Action
Bruce Vermazen: Establishing Token-Token Psychophysical Identities
Stephen Neale: On Representing
James Higgenbotham: A Perspective on Truth and Meaning
Ernest Lapore: The Scope and Limits of Quotation
Dagfinn Føllesdal: Triangulation

Bibliography of the Writings of Donald Davidson