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The Philosophy of Arthur C. Danto

(Volume XXXIII, 2013)

Arthur Danto was the Johnsonian Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Columbia University. The Philosophy of Arthur C. Danto offers Danto's intellectual autobiography and responds to essays by 27 of the keenest critics of his thought from the worlds of philosophy and the arts. The book includes 16 pages of color art reproductions. 

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Intellectual Autobiography of Arthur C. Danto


Arthur C. Danto


(Replies follow essays)


Ewa D. Bogusz-Boltuc: Reading Danto's Woodcuts

David Reed: Questions for Arthur

Sean Scully: From an Artist's Ponit of View

Thomas Rose: The Artist's Philosopher and the Open Work

Gerard Vilar: On Some Dissonances in A.C. Danto's Art Criticism

Goran Hermeren: Art, Media, and Money

Sue Spaid: Being-Here: Representationally Characterized Events or Not ...

David Carrier: Indiscernibles and the Essence of Art: The Hegelian Turn in Arthur Danto's Aesthetic Theory

Bernhard Lypp: The Mind and the Boxes: Reflections on Danto's Philosophy of Art

Denis Dutton: Danto, Landscape, and Art

Bertrand Rouge: Just Figuring: Or, the Endless End of Art-Readymades, Trompe l'Oeil, Metaphors, and Other Meta-Indiscernibles

George Dickie: Art and Ontology

Dominique Chateau: Arthur Danto: Philosophy on Art, Philosophy in Art

Lydia Goehr: The Pastness of the Work: Albert Speer and the Monumentalism of Intentional Ruins

F. R. Ankersmit: Danto's Philosophy of History: Essentialism and Historicism

Noel Carroll: Danto, the End of Art, and the Orientational Narrative

Fred Rush: Danto, Hegel, and the Work of Art

Tiziana Andina: Taking Danto's Suggestion Seriously: Nietzsche's Theory of Truth Revisited

David Detmer: Danto on Sartre

Julie Kuhlken: Posthistorical Philosophy

Frederick Adams: Action: Back to Basics

Susan L. Feagin: Language and Art

Ynhui Park: Art as a Proposition in the Kantian "Problematic Modality": A Concept of Art "After the End of Art"

James R. Horne: A Reluctant Moral Philosopher

Robert C. Solomon and Kathleen M. Higgins: Danto: On the Use and Disadvantage of Hegel for Art

David Seiple: The Spirit of Arthur Danto

Crispin Sartwell: Danto as Writer

Bibliography of Rorty's Works


Arthur C. Dano