Ernst Cassirer

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The Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer

(Volume VI, 1949)

The core of this exciting volume is composed of twenty-three searching and illuminating articles in which Cassirer's investigations, thought, values, and conclusions are defined, examined, and critically evaluated. These include his work on Kant, his contributions to the epistemology of physics and mathematics, his philosophy of the social sciences and of symbolic forms, his studies of mythology, of language and myth, his humanism, his concern with art and literature, and his theory of history. 

Table of Contents

Dimitry Gawronsky: Ernst Cassirer: His Life and His Work

Four Addresses, delivered at Memorial Services, Columbia University:

Edward Case: In Memoriam: Ernst Cassirer ~ A poem 
Hajo Holborn: Ernst Cassirer 
F. Saxl: Ernst Cassirer 
Charles W. Hendel: Ernst Cassirer

(Replies follow essays)

C. Hendrik J. Pos: Recollections of Ernst Cassirer 
Carl H. Hamburg: Cassirer's Conception of Philosophy 
William Curtis Swabey: Cassirer and Metaphysics 
I.K. Stephens: Cassirer's Doctrine of the A Priori 
Felix Kaufmann: Cassirer's Theory of Scientific Knowledge 
Dimitry Gawronsky: Cassirer's Contribution to the Epistemology of Physics 
Harold R. Smart: Cassirer's Theory of Mathematical Concepts 
Kurt Lewin: Cassirer's Philosophy of Science and the Social Sciences 
Robert S. Hartman: Cassirer's Philosophy of Symbolic Forms 
Folke Leander: Further Problems Suggested by the Philosophy of Symbolic Forms 
M.F. Ashley Montagu: Cassirer on Mythological Thinking 
Susanne K. Langer: On Cassirer's Theory of Language and Myth 
Wilbur M. Urban: Cassirer's Philosophy of Language 
James Gutmann: Cassirer's Humanism 
David Bidney: The Philosophical Anthropology of Ernst Cassirer and Its Significance in Relation to the History of Anthropological Thought 
Helmut Kuhn: Ernst Cassirer's Philosophy of Culture 
David Baumgardt: Cassirer and the Chaos in Modern Ethics 
Katharine Gilbert: Cassirer's Placement of Art 
Harry Slochower: Ernst Cassirer's Functional Approach to Art and Literature 
Konstantin Reichardt: Ernst Cassirer's Contribution to Literary Criticism 
John Herman Randall, Jr.: Cassirer's Theory of History as Illustrated in His Treatment of Renaissance Thought 
Walter M. Solmitz: Cassirer on Galileo: An Example of Cassirer's Way of Thought 
William H. Werkmeister: Cassirer's Advance Beyond Neo-Kantianism 
Fritz Kaufmann: Cassirer, Neo-Kantianism, and Phenomenology 
Ernst Cassirer: "Spirit" and "Life"in Contemporary Philosophy
Bibliography of the Writings of Ernst Cassirer (To 1946)