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The Philosophy of Brand Blanshard

(Volume XV, 1980)

As that of a thoroughgoing rationalist, Blanshard's work has run against the current of most recent philosophy. In this book Blanshard is subjected to the examination of thirty contemporary philosophers, whose essays are in each case followed by a reply from Blanshard himself. The whole is prefaced by a 200-page autobiography with many impressions and sketches of philosophers he has known. 

Table of Contents

Brand Blanshard: Autobiography

Brand Blanshard

(Replies follow essays)

Sterling M. McMurrin: Blanshard's Conception of the Nature and Function of Philosophy 
Brand Blanshard: Introduction to the Replies (with replies following each essay) 
Alfred C. Ewing: Blanshard's View of Good 
Elizabeth L. Beardsley: Understanding and Forgiveness 
Oliver A. Johnson: The Impasse in Ethics and Blanshard's Way Out 
John Howie: Blanshard on "Intrinsic Goodness" 
W.T. Jones: Reason, Feeling, and World View 
Henry Margenau: Brand Blanshard's Theory of Ethics 
Richard T. De George: Blanshard's Political Philosophy 
Eugene Freeman: The Commitment to Excellence in Blanshard's Philosophy of Education 
James Gutmann: Brand Blanshard: Philosopher of Education and Teacher 
Errol E. Harris: Blanshard on Perception and Free Ideas 
Alburey Castell: Blanshard on Understanding 
Andrew J. Reck: Blanshard's Rationalism and the Critique of Empiricism 
Nicholas Rescher: Blanshard and the Coherence Theory of Truth 
Peter A. Bertocci: Does Blanshard Escape Epistemic Dualism? 
Charles Hartshorne: Understanding as Seeing to Be Necessary 
William S. Minor: Creativity in Brand Blanshard 
John E. Smith: Blanshard's Critique of Pragmatism 
Robert J. Fogelin: Blanshard's Critique of the Analytic Movement 
Richard Rorty: Idealism, Holism, and The Paradox of Knowledge 
Francis V. Raab: Blanshard's Theory of Mind and Free Will 
Richard Taylor: Blanshard's Theory of Causation 
Ervin Laszlo: Blanshard's Rationalistic Realism 
Marcus Clayton: Blanshard's Theory of Universals 
Lewis Edwin Hahn: Brand Blanshard's World View 
Frederick Ferré: Brand Blanshard on Reason and Religious Belief 
George F. Thomas: Blanshard's View of Christian Ethics 
Louis Dupré: Faith and Reason 
Joseph A. Owens: An Appreciation of Blanshard's Views on Catholicism 
Jerry A. Irish: The Rationalist and the Reformer: A Critique of Blanshard's Views of Protestantism
Bibliography of the Writings of Brand Blanshard (To 1980)